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Drama | 20m | 2019

Hanan, a successful young Syrian-American doctor, returns to Syria to help victims of war. When the hospital where she works is bombed, she suffers a traumatic brain injury that leaves her face blind. Unable to recognize the faces of even those closest to her, Hanan’s world has been turned upside down and her identity lost.

Now home in New York, Hanan has difficulty coming to terms with how her life has changed following the attack. Haunted by her trauma and struggling to adjust to her condition, Hanan must confront her fear of navigating the world, putting her identity, and her future as a doctor, in doubt.

Laëtitia Eïdo

2019 Bermuda International Film Festival
2019 Annapolis Film Festival
2019 Newport Beach Film Festival
2019 LA Shorts Fest
Shorts on Tap @ BFI, London
2019 Woods Hole Film Festival
2019 Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival, South Korea
2019 Fresco International Film Festival (Yerevan, Armenia) WINNER
2019 World of Women Film Festival (Dubai, UAE) 

2019 Rhode Island International Film Festival FINALIST
2019 Ojai Film Festival
New York No Limits Film SeriesFestival Signes de Nuit (Paris)
Panavision Young Filmmakers Grant WINNER
The Bermuda Arts Council Grant WINNER



Drama | 1 h 20m | 2016

When his longtime girlfriend breaks up with him, 30 year-old Michael suddenly finds himself homeless. With nowhere else to go, he spends the weekend at his father and stepmothers house, only to find that they're embroiled in a bitter divorce. As he gets caught in the middle of their angry disputes, Michael struggles to come to terms with his place in his dysfunctional family.  Starring Stephen Plunkett as Michael, along with Casey Biggs, Christina Haag, Dante Bruzzese, Jenny Dare Paulin, Emily Kratter, and Elizabeth Masucci.

2014 Portland Film Festival
2014 Tallgrass Film Festival
2015 Phoenix Film Festival

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Drama | 1 h 20m | 2007

Michael and Eddie are two broke college graduates who rent an "apartment garage" from Stan, a cantankerous blind war veteran.  As they begin their tumultuous transition into the real world they quickly discover that finding a job will be a lot harder than securing their degrees.  Based on the play by Charles Evered, Running Funny stars Tony nominated actor Louis Zorich, Max Osinski, and Gene Gallerano.

2007 Woods Hole Film Festival
2007 Williamstown Film Festival
2007 New Jersey International Film Festival
2008 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

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